By Lu



(Ann Arbor, Michigan) Big Stadium – The Michigan Difference

For today, goodbye.

For tomorrow, good luck.

And forever, Go Blue!

I had been slow updating about my life recently. It was not the lack of content, rather the lack of willingness to sit down and start typing it out. Also, another tidbit to add here. I am officially a graduate of the Class of 2011, majoring in Actuarial Mathematics and Economics. With my International Studies major dropped, I decided to graduate a year earlier than intended almost impulsively. I had mulled over this decision within the past two months and was still indecisive until the last moment.

With that, my summer plans had suddenly gone awry because I did not take into account that next Fall, I do not have university to go back to. Hence, I am currently a job seeker and if you have any recommendations, do let me know. Time to get out of the college bubble and start supporting myself. This summer, I decided to forgo part of my extensive vacation, opting for a quick post graduation trip with my parents instead. I will use the remaining time to figure out my plans for the future, brush up on more technical knowledge (with learning new programming language in mind, recommendations please), and perhaps set up some passive income for sustenance.

I will update future post with my Strategy game ‘s results.