GIS Taiwan 2011

By Lu



(Shanghai, China) Ping An Insurance – Wow, it’s headquarter is extremely beautiful.

I’d been accepted to the GIS 2011 conference again. I’d attended it during 2009 and meet great friends, and interacted with smarter peers. This year, my entry was among the ten best entries and there was supposed to be additional incentives to the one on paper. Unfortunately, just like last year, scheduling was a thorn to me and I had to forfeit my participation this year. Well, the the participants this year, enjoy the conference and if anyone is thinking of it next year,

Also, to let you guys know some of the side projects that I will be up to. First would be to improve my physique. I’m saddened by what I have, or should I put it, lack off and had began building up my body. However, my motivation tends to wane at times and I had to restart repeatedly after pausing a couple days. Hopefully, there will be a new and improved me after a couple of months.

I had also began training myself in the art of Excel and some other software. I am aiming to be just as proficient in these software as those first year investment bank monkeys (oops) by the time I’m done with it.