Entrepreneurship & Guts

By Lu



(Shanghai, China) Always have a dream in sight and reach for it.

Not sure if I ever mentioned this before but during my last semester in college, I took up a course on Entrepreneurship and its semester long group project involved writing up a credible business plan, one that someone could actually bring it out and make it work. My team decided to focus on E’s dream because that’s what she hoped to start after graduation and because it seemed the most plausible to success. I had a great time in the team, and produced a fine business plan that I believed the professor was even happy with. Heck, I was so proud of the final project that I kept it on my desktop until now to remind me of it.

Well, several weeks ago, E informed me that she had submitted the plan into a business plan competition and made it all the way to the final round for the grand prize of $10000 and numerous other misc. support. She’s one step closer to starting that dream business of hers. And all this because she had the vision of what wanted and the guts to push it one step at a time. Why am I writing this now? Well, the final round is just round the corner and I’m rooting for her.