Dream of Renaissance

By Lu


Chicago Statue

(Chicago, Illinois) Look at all the different faces.

Ever since young, I dream of remodeling myself. Shaping my whole personality, actions, gestures, facial expressions into someone I’m not. When I watched “The Pretender” when I was young, I used to think how cool it was to be able to transform into another person and fool the whole world with it. It was through this that I wished to be whole, to master and know a bit of everything. I wanted to be able to enter one day as a doctor, supervising the charge of another life and then, as a pilot the next day, planning my great getaway into the unknown. I recalled in a comic book that what gave Batman his edge was his ability to constantly rebuild his character. Breaking down and molding back something new.

It was a dream I suppressed for a while, only to relieve it when I watched Leonardo DiCaprio in “Catch Me If You Can”, an adaptation of real life story of Frank Abagnale Jr.. This character was indeed the great pretender, forging everything from checks, pilot license to a Harvard Medical School degree (or at least that’s what the movie showed). He was shown to have fraud around 4 million USD (real value at 2.5 million USD) at a time when converted to current dollar, is significantly larger amount. All these charges from when he is between 16 to 21 years old. I lived through most part of it with nothing that significant in my resume and wonder how far would I go by the time I’m 21. Now, Frank’s free from serving his time, and is a rich leading security consultant who works with the FBI.

It saddens me sometimes when I can take the path few took. I could be the next real life story of a person who is anyone. The only thing holding me back right now is the law and my conscience. I still dream of the dream, where I could slipped in and out of uniform and be anyone I want.