Dissappearing and Reappearing

By Lu


I had been neglecting this journal for quite some time. An initial plan for renovating this domain into something more lost its steam. I will start the ball rolling again with another story on my flight experiences.

My recent flight from Detroit to Kota Kinabalu involved transiting over several terminals. I tried to purchase my tickets with minimal transiting time to cut down on the idle time, often with different airlines.

The first start of the leg began on a shaky ground when I checked in my luggage and the airline refused to perform behind the door luggage transit so that I can cut off the waiting time to retrieve the luggage and checked them in again, due to company policy.

I was still fine with it despite my repeated failed attempts to convince the officers otherwise. Then the worse happened when a sudden thunderstorm developed minutes before I board my flight. I was still hoping I made it in time to board my international flight to Hong Kong in Los Angeles.

I arrived in LAX minutes after the check in counter closed. Running to the luggage claim, I tried seeking an airline officer to inform my flight that my previous flight was delayed but alas, he lost the number for my intended airline and cannot make that call.

I retrieved my luggage and ran all the way from the domestic terminal to the international terminal (not an easy feat with two heavy bags) and promptly convinced the nice lady at the counter to check in my (very late) luggage.

I hurried through the customs and straight into the plane. As I sat down on my seat, dripping wet with sweat, I told the friendly Caucasian next to me that less than an hour ago, I was still in another plane about to reach LA.