Dell Customer Service

By Lu


I had been away from the blogging scene for some time. It wasn’t because I was particularly busy, but my laptop was sent to repair at the Dell Depot Center. A little story about this current laptop of mine. I bought it last December after I  had accidentally spilled ramen onto desktop replacement Asus at that time. It was a heartbreaking moment for me because the Asus was relatively new, didn’t offer me any hint of problem at all and expensive because I wanted upgraded gizmos on it. Then, I bought this Dell because I felt that it was a good deal. Dell laptops have pretty good specifications at lower pricing.

A little after a month of purchase, the sound suddenly stop coming out from the laptop. That’s odd, I wonder. So, I began tinkering with it for a while and reinstall a new audio driver which solved the problem. Everything was well and I was quite satisfy with the laptop. It lasted me through classes and everything. A few months after the first audio malfunction, it happened again. This time, I redo the whole procedure and the sound was back on again. Then, just around three weeks later, the audio finally died. The symptoms are just the same, there’s no sound coming out of the speakers although the computer system is indicating that all is fine. I tried reinstalling the driver but it did not work this time. Frustrated, I seek technical support from Dell. They have a nifty little trick that allows their technicians to diagnose the computer system by allowing them to take control of the computer. I like how they use this technology especially to help out those that are tech illiterate. The technician decided that it might be a hardware problem and send me a box to bring it back to their Depot Center.

Now, there’s a little problem with this. Apparently, the operator forgets to include my apartment number, which cause the delivery to fail each time. Only on the third delivery did the box manage to reach me although I repeated my address to them each time the box did not reach me. So, the box was sent there with expected delivery back to me in 13-15 days. After waiting for more than a week, I was starting to get worry because I ‘m planning to leave the country and want a computer by my side. I called the customer service asking them to ship my laptop back. Turns out, they did not do any repairs on the laptop. I asked for it back and they did promptly return my laptop, although that was also a day later than when I expected it.

The problem with the laptop? Turns out that Dell technicians diagnosed it as a liquid spill problem on the motherboard. It was not covered in the standard warranty and they would charge me  a lot just to replace the motherboard. Now, remember the case with my previous laptop? I was traumatized by that spilled that I would not leave any liquid for long nearby this Dell. So, how did some liquid make its way into the motherboard when I make sure that there are no liquids in its surrounding. I am dissatisfy with the answer they gave me. If there was indeed liquid spilled, why was it that only the audio in my laptop was gone, and not the rest of the system, like my previous Asus. I’m planning to send it out for another repair shop when I’m overseas and let them check out my computer. If it turns out that it could be repaired, there’ll be hell. Well, no. Just that I’ll probably won’t buy from Dell again.