Curated: Being a Go Getter is No Fun

By Lu


I shared all the interesting posts and articles I found on FB. It’s sort of like a placeholder for me, where I can look back and reread some of the articles. It’s not the same system, often bogged down by the sheer amount of clutter there but it’s what I’d been doing.

There’s one article that resonated so much with me that I printed it out, and pinned to my cubicle walls for casual reading. Below are some excepts from it.

“People ask high self-control people to do more for perfectly logical reasons—because they think that those who successfully demonstrate high (vs. low) self-control will perform better and accomplish more. So it is a reasonable thing to do, from the perspective of the partner, the manager, the coworker,” says Christy Zhou Koval, a Ph.D student at Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business and lead author of the study.“But for the actor, it can feel like a burden. Why should you do more work for the same reward, while your less capable coworker coasts along with lower expectations and work?”

A separate experiment found that participants not only assigned more tasks to the go-getters—but underestimated how much work it would take to get the job done. “What looks easy from the outside may not feel that easy on the inside,” says Gráinne Fitzsimons, one of the co-authors of the study.

high performers were not only aware that they were giving more at work—they rightly assumed that their managers and co-workers didn’t understand how hard it was for them, and thus felt unhappy about being given more tasks.

“In the workplace, managers should be careful to give the highest quality work and best opportunities to the most capable employees, and give the lower quality but time consuming work to less capable employees,” says Koval. “If someone is doing more than his fair share, compensate him for it. If not, he may ultimately leave and seek recognition elsewhere.

In short, the only reward for hard work is more work.

Makes one ponder, will it be worth it in the end.