Countdown to Departure

By Lu


Flying into the unknown, soaring to greater heights.

30. I’d been counting the days before I step into the flight away from home. With the oil price sky rocketing and the flight tickets in the same direction, I’m not sure whether I will make a trip back home in the nearest break.

With the few days remaining, I’m evaluating if I am prepared for any culture shock or trauma I may be experiencing in the States. Although, I had spent the past one year away from my family, I have the confidence to be independent and evade any shocks I might encounter.

In these past few weeks, I should cherished the moments I had left with my parents and yet, I squander them all away sleeping. I should put them into more productive sectors, which I have neither yet to discover nor intending to fulfill.

Time is getting shorter and I am still here, fooling around. The time is ticking. 30 left, and soon to be 29.