Corporate Style Convergence

By Lu



(Putrajaya, Malaysia)

I went to a recruiting session held by a major financial institution recently. I’m not so much as interested in the recruiting session but rather more to the buffet style dinner that goes along with the session. I was running late for it since I just completed one of my midterm as well.

Alas, my free dinner to be was not to be mine after all. I reached the information session and was swamped my what lies ahead of me. I saw a large gathering of presumably college student wearing identical black corporate suit. Aside from their identical shade of black suit, majority of the males sport the same hairstyle with gelled and cropped up short hair, something which I was initially hoping to style my hair into. As for the females, there is a variation between tied up ponytail or just let loose, but the differences also amount to that much.

Dozens of unique individuals, each with their own glorying achievements and persona, appeared out to me as drones sporting the same costumes and frankly the same monotone conversation topic, as tough they are programmed from a factory with standard requirements. This is common cultural convergence, where the aspiring group assume the lifestyles of the intended group which they wanted to belong to. However, what scares me was the rapid acculturation of which this is happening.

I feared, I pondered whether several years down the lane, I will be one of them, sporting the exactly same executive suit, with matching iron pressed shirt and a tie, trying to adhere to a the common wisdom. My own hair cut out short and cropped up with some styling gel, discussing economic and business issues with whomever cared to show the slightest interest in it.

tom welling

Tom Welling. Courtesy of David Gray, the CW Network

Back to the session, I was neither in any corporate suit or formal wear at that time. All I had on me was just blue jeans, blue t-shirt and a striking red jacket, strangely similar to Tom Welling’s character, Clark Kent of Smallville fame, The social solidarity was too great and I turned back before reaching the gate. The buffet table was clear in sight, but ah, I think I will just go and grab a burrito.

I head on to another economic symposium after that, but also mainly for the dessert. Same case of corporate cultural convergence, the same formal wear and hair styles. Later, when I was heading back to my crib, I saw some of the students in corporate suits, each with burritos in their hands. Maybe, I’m already had my feet in the boat after all.