Competitive Strategy Game: Week 6 & 7

By Lu



(Boston, Mass.) Chapel within Boston University.

Basically, there are not a lot of changes within this two period. Each firms are playing cat and mouse with each other. My group has been trying to undercut each other in the effort to drive other firm out of the competition. Considering the short period of time left, this is a futile act. I am wondering whether the other firms who take the low production high price route might fare better within the time period. Considering Market A, I finally gave the white flag and resigned that I could hold much of the market share, allowing the price to rise higher so that we could gain more revenue. In Market B, our presence was so strong that the market leader gave up and cut their production, pushing us into the leading position. This market differentiated taste is hurting us significantly though because it is hard to convert the rest of the market share despite the low cost allowing me to reconsider whether my expansionary plan was a good one. Nevertheless, Market B is a good revenue generator which has provided enough ROI.