Combining Custom Views and Macro to be a PPT Superstar

By Lu


Custom View is a function of Excel that I sadly found that many didn’t know about, and even less used it. You can find it under View > Custom Views.

What it essentially do was to save a snapshot of your file outlook at that moment. Imagine, your files could have multiple hidden data not meant to be shown in a presentation. And instead of hiding it one by one, you select custom views and had it return to the preset you had save for this. Do this multiple times, and it will save you hours of getting the view right.

You might have different business unit that view the same data but in different format, or even focus on specific data only. Create multiple custom views for it.

Eg, Exec A Presentation, Exec B Presentation, Exec C Presentation

Save the time from formatting the file each time there a different presentation with your preset.

I coupled it together with macro to export the pictures to PPT to make my presentation life easier.