Choo! Choo! Full Steam Ahead

By Lu


Life suddenly turned very hectic. After class, I found out that I need to perform a Latin dance performance next Tuesday. If that is not bad enough, the magazine production just went full steam ahead. Sigh, it is tedious to produce a yearbook for university students in just one month. And I have to think out all the content. So, if any of you guys are unhappy with the contents, don’t blame me. Blame it on the short amount of time.

Furthermore, never believe it if your lecturer said an assignment will just took you two hours to finish. I learned it the hard way when I need to go two days marathon to complete just one assignment and I manage to pass it up minutes before the due date.

Because of that, I did not manage to wash my clothes early and now, currently still waiting for it to wash. Unfortunately, I have another group trip to Malacca in which, the bus is going to take take off in another half an hour! I will spend my whole weekend in Malacca.


Yay, my clothes are washed but they can’t dry in time. Guess I have to bring wet clothes along to the trip instead T_T And I lost two pair of socks, not one but two. Where could they have gone to?