Children Camp 4 – Part 2

By Lu


Most of Group I and J

Since this is a long time ago, I felt reluctant to continue it but every beginning deserves a good ending.

Day 2 of the Children Camp is the last day. Sadly, that is all I could take as I was very exhausted from it. Who knew how hyperactive children can be.

The last day was continued on with helping the children to clean themselves up, ie brushing their teeth etc, morning exercise, breakfast and then more activities. The final act is to prepare a drama for showtime. By the draw of the luck, my group got Little Red Riding Hood. I don’t know if I am fortunate or not because hardly anyone in my group can remember the story well, yes, not even the kids! So, we improvise and remake the story in our own flavor.

To round things up, each group is given a large piece of paper with an alphabet in it together with some crayons so each group can color it according to their own taste. The end result is quite nice, considering the myriad of colors which is expected from the creative juice flow of children.

Next, in the closing ceremony, the committees went on to have their own nostalgic memories and some cried out at the thought that the children are leaving and Children Camp is coming to an end. Some went on to hug but not me, lest I develop some attachment to the children.

And so, the children from Rumah Hope, Tri-Ratana, and Kami left for their respective place of belonging.

Bah! She still refuse to take a good picture. 😛