Childhood Lost (A Bit) and Gained

By Lu


New York 01

(NYC, New York) Cheeky rascal likes to have his photos taken. He wanted to have a picture skateboarding through Central Park.

My last trip to New York coincided with Michael Jackson death. I was never an avid fan of him, but it is regrettable he died at such an age. His song certainly was influential when I was young, having a few friends who were fans of him. I was not aware of this incident until one by one, Facebook notices popped up regarding his death. Watching the news in the hotel room was never less inviting than this when everything was about him and it was pretty much predictable.

New York 05

(NYC, New York) The Miserable Ones. I think it’s befitting MJ, his songs lived on to be some of the most popular, at a price

New York 02

(NYC, New York) Demonstration at hand. They sealed up a road in the city center

Walking around New York was mostly to satisfy the inner child in me. It is not everyday that I got landed right in the middle of a bustling city with all sort of events going on. In fact, I hardly been to any crowded area for months prior to this. The atmosphere here is something to be missed. I hoped to return soon to catch up on other stuff I missed out. In the mean time, enjoy some of my favorite childhood love.

New York 03

(NYC, New York) Lego!!!

New York 04

(NYC, New York) Not M&M’s in particular. But I do have a rather sweet tooth