Chicago Rush Pt. 4: Food Galore

By Lu


Chicago might not be considered a food haven, by my standards. But deprived from the usual delicacies for the past few months have an effect of bringing back nostalgic taste. Indeed, my time in Chicago was spend indulging in feasts.


Dim Sum meal ~ Siew Mai, just the tip of the iceberg.


(Chicago, Illinois) Sorry, I could not resist. Penangnites, your opinions?


(Chicago, Illionois) My travel coincide with some of the coldest days in Chicago’s history. Even the pigeons are forced to decide between becoming frozen birds, or roast pigeons.

Sorry for the lack of quality in pictures. The weather was cold, and I was shivering while holding the camera. I was a glutton too, I would rather digg into the food than retake a decent picure of the foods.