Chicago Rush Pt. 3: City of Angels

By Lu



(Chicago, Illinois) Macy’s !

I visited Chicago cosmopolitan to look at their architecture. I must admit that my timing throughout the entire trip is not perfect, but perhaps, it was this sense of uncertainty that added some spice for the travel.

My train ride through the Metra was delayed because there was a homicide in the next station prior to my boarding. While the delayed was a nuisance and ate up significant time I could spared, being near a crime scene was indeed an excitement. I could not help but to try and lookout for the scene as early report come in that the person was hit by the train, or to another version, a gunshot.   Xiaolu and I looked out of the window, focusing up and down the tracks, and guessing whether the footprints that stopped halfway on the train tracks might have belong to the now deceased person.

Chicago was supposed to be the cultural center of the American Midwest. To a certain degree, I agreed that it was true. The many museums, cultural attractions, and unique Gothic architecture brought out the aesthetic appreciation in me.


(Chicago, Illinois) “Books are the legacies that a great genius leaves to mankind, which are delivered down from generation to generation as presents to the posterity of those who are yet unborn.” ~ Addison

I meet a friendly security guard in one of these museums. He was a nice chap, with a side hobby dabbing in photography. He offered to take a picture of us, and gave some pointers on interesting shots around the place.

My time spent walking around the city area was spent photographing memories as well as sampling the local culture, as it was during a celebration period when I visited. It was a time well spent. I do hope that I have more time to spare to explore the remaining areas. I also learned that Chicago is a better place to shop for high end products comparative to NY because the stuff are slightly cheaper and the salesperson more responsive even though I might not give out an aura of a rich social elite.


(Chicago, Illinois) Frozen river. Amazing skyline.