Chicago Rush Pt. 2: Alcohol and Consumer Spending

By Lu


Americans love their alcohol. I discovered this when I was shopping for some alcohol too. Perhaps it is the last minute festive season purchase but the alcoholic beverage store seems to be thriving amidst the current economic situation. Those whom I meet are purchasing beers and wines to complement their Christmas dinner. Wines are cheap relative to the income over this side of the globe. So, it might not be a big deal for the average Americans to splurge over wines as compared to those with lower purchasing power relative to income. I learned a thing or two about wine tasting and the specific taste according to brand. It was still hard to get used to the taste. These alcoholic beverages gave off burning sensation and I doubt whether my tongue could get used to such abuse. Perhaps, with more tasting and new found preferences for more exquisite luxuries, I may find myself during a dinner with a glass of red wine on my hand and flaunting my wine knowledge to like minded individuals.

Plus, I learnt another observation as well. It’s an alternative way of measuring the people’s economic power. The type of food the typical consumer had more frequently when dining out revealed the society’s perception on current economy. For example, during economic hard times like recently, the average consumer will prefer more filling food like steak etc. Whereas on sunny days, the average consumer can settle on more luxury and dainty food which aren’t as filling like sushi etc. It is just a matter of responding to incentives. Although, if times were really bad, people wouldn’t even dine out in the first place.