Chicago Rush Pt. 1: Bleak Atmosphere

By Lu


union station 2

(Chicago, Illinois)

My trip to Chicago started out with a mess. I woke up early in the dawn hoping to catch early transiting bus, which will eventually lead to the train station. However, the awaited bus never arrived. The winter was approaching record low temperature. Unable to continue waiting out in the cold, I phoned a cab to reach the train station only to discover my transport was delayed. Snow and ice covered the tracks and disrupt the schedule.

The few hours onbroad the train was spent in futile, but the scenery along the way potray the weather which will greet me along the way. Sadly, I wonder why I chosen this time to travel when weather forecast blurt out that this year winter is the coldest in a few decades and warnings of snow storm been plastered all over the tv screen.

union station

(Chicago, Illinois)

Chicago was not the bustling city I thought of it to be. My arrival was greeted by smoke bellowing factories as well as blacken and soot covered buildings. Together with the dismal picture of naked trees and gloomy snow shower, it gives off an illusion of dark atmosphere, foreshadowing the collapsing industries in the city.

My first encounter here left a bad aftertaste when a lady misguided me into the wrong track and to purchase a wrong ticket as well. However, the eventually kindness of other Chicagoan I meet here lead me to the right place where I need to dash across stations, meet the harsh windy winter of Chicago, talk myself into exchanging my wrong purchase with the train conductor and stand waiting for the time to pass.

Traveling to Chicago literally took up the whole day, and I guess to round up my first day by shoving snow, drinking hot cocoa and having a little chocolate fondue in the end was not that bad at all.