Chessing in IMU

By Lu


The pawns are the soul of the game. While weak in strength, when combined, they have enough to topple even the king.

Last Saturday was the MAPCU 2008 Chess Competition, and luckily (or was it rather unlucky?), yours truly was chosen to represent INTI in it. Not because my skills were any good, but because they got not enough people to join it.

And so, I have to wake up extra early T_T on a Saturday morning for a long…. morning trip from Nilai to IMU, Bukit Jalil.

IMU is not that bad actually, at least from the outside when I reached there.

IMU – International Medical University. (How international must you get to have that name?)

Oh, structure covered with glass. Very modern and stylish. Tilt your head to see it upright. I already have an opinion that IMU spent a lot on the architecture and design. Therefore, inside must be very beautiful.

Inside was not bad too (although quite plain), but then…

What! How come the interior look like this?

And this sign again. The arbiter said that IMU had been hosting this tournament for six years. Does this means that the conditions inside IMU had been like that for six years!

Haha, meet the gathering of the geeks (myself included). Nah, actually, I believed each of us here are unique in our own ways.

And this is INTI Team A during the last round. Result of it, INTI 4 – 0 Unknown Opponents

Once the tournament is over, we head back over to INTI, hehe, but not before I snap a shot of myself holding the victory cup. ^_^ Try and guess what position INTI Team B obtained. 😛