Cha Cha Cha

By Lu


With all the pressure contained within me, will I ever be able to release it like the trickle of water or will I explode under the tremendous pressure?

Yesterday was another hectic night for me. Sigh, where can I get the energy to last through the day.

Oh, what confidence, what style, oozing with sexy gracefulness – that is the Latin dance.

As you can guess it, I performed a Latin dance performance last night. Just a small one, but at least I can show my stuff. Since we only practiced the routine in just two practice because of the short amount of preparation time, our performance was so-so lah. Just enough to please the crowd.

So, when someone ask me whether I was the one dancing last night this morning, I don’t know whether to be happy with pride or to hung my face with shame from humility. Since I did not managed to perform the best I could.

The performing pairs. My partner, Natalie is the one on my left.

After the dance, I went on to the chess club meeting instead of returning to my room. What an ego boost to me after the person that I thrashed 3 – 0 was told to me as a state chess player. Has my level of play improve that much or is it just that he is letting me having an easy game?

After finishing three games, I move on towards the Adventure club gathering night. Wah, why so hectic one my life!

A scene of the Adventure Club arena, it is jam packed with people.

I take it light this time and just watch the show. When I arrived, the committees are asking the participants to play a game of passing water balloons around without using their hands. The emcee also requested the people there not to throw the water balloons around because the sound system is around them. But, being teenagers, they never listened and throw a few balloons around.

Haha, retribution. The committee then continue to play a game of Simon Says where they have to sit on the floor. Does anyone wants to sit on a wet floor caused by themselves? 😛

Tired, I returned back to my room. That would be the end of my day, but not before I show off my new shirt I just received.

Know what it says?