The Art of Writing

I’m in the middle of tearing my hair out trying to put the completing touch on the first draft of my novel. Hence, I went through some window shopping on Amazon to see if any title attracted my attention. I found several free books and guessed, why not. I’m listing them below just in case …

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I’m back and ready for action

The break had been beneficial. I’m testing my feet in a lot of different areas I never tried before – Amazon, Youtube etc. Only time will tell if my efforts will bore any fruits.

Slow Updates

I haven’t been coming here much lately. The scar is still there. Now, I’m known as “that guy” among the trainers in the gym. I’d changed my role recently – more visibility in the office as my reporting manager would be closer, Singapore instead of China. A very tiring role. I haven’t thought of experiencing …

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2014: Year in Review

It’s been so long since I’d updated that I didn’t realized a year had passed since. The year just passed by so fast. 2014 was rather uneventful, and in many ways, marked a year with not much progression in my life. In terms of career, this year really took a backseat. Although there’s a role …

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Theme Changed

I’d upgraded my wordpress theme, and it crashed. So, resorted to using this for a while until I can get things sorted out.