More Awards from Work


It’s not always that I gotten a mention from an exec in the US HQ. So, I thought this warrant a brief mention and screenshot.

Also, I got the recent You Rock award for being a top contributor. It’s nice seeing my name, my profile and achievement everything put into a presentation and broadcasted to everyone at the town hall. Below is the small trophy that comes with it.

They also gave me an additional LCD monitor to aid in my work. Not sure if I had any use for it at the moment. For now, it’s just taking up real estate space in my cubicle. It’s the monitor behind the trophy below.


Card from US (or How to Motivate Top Talents)


I got this card from IBM HQ back in March, for some of my work that reached the eyes of HQ in US. From what I heard, the higher-ups were very impressed and I got this in return.

It’s just a simple thank you card, but it has value due to the signatures on it. Those who signed it are among the top executives in IBM, but I think the most recognizable one for those outside of IBM would be the one on the bottom-right by Mark.

IBM Chief Financial Officer Mark Loughridge

This Mark Loughridge. Felt pretty good to be recognized by the top boss of the Finance department, and all the other executives there.

Can you guess the others whose signatures are here?

Thanks to CC, S, HJ, and IJ for this.

GIS Taiwan 2011


(Shanghai, China) Ping An Insurance – Wow, it’s headquarter is extremely beautiful.

I’d been accepted to the GIS 2011 conference again. I’d attended it during 2009 and meet great friends, and interacted with smarter peers. This year, my entry was among the ten best entries and there was supposed to be additional incentives to the one on paper. Unfortunately, just like last year, scheduling was a thorn to me and I had to forfeit my participation this year. Well, the the participants this year, enjoy the conference and if anyone is thinking of it next year,

Also, to let you guys know some of the side projects that I will be up to. First would be to improve my physique. I’m saddened by what I have, or should I put it, lack off and had began building up my body. However, my motivation tends to wane at times and I had to restart repeatedly after pausing a couple days. Hopefully, there will be a new and improved me after a couple of months.

I had also began training myself in the art of Excel and some other software. I am aiming to be just as proficient in these software as those first year investment bank monkeys (oops) by the time I’m done with it.

BP Trading Simulation Challenge

Cedar Point 098

(Sandusky, Ohio) Crash and burn.

I saw the BP’s participation certificate tucked somewhere on my table and decided to recount the event that occurred few weeks ago. BP came to campus and provide a trading simulation exercise on crude oil. It was supposed to be a competition among all the participants doing thee simulation. I teamed up with Has for this challenge. I had some prior experience doing some virtual trading and analysis before so it should be in my favor to be ahead of others. Indeed, as soon as the simulation started, we start out small by longing and shorting to fell the market around. Has and I are rather passive players. We will hold a position and wait until we earned a profit. With 10 minutes left in the game, we locked in around $12 million in pure profits. But hold strategy was no longer working for us in the final moments, we ended up reducing our profit by $3 million, but I was adamant to recoup those losses till I forgot about the time clause. The time runs out as I was trying to close my account. Still, I had $9 million in the bank, so it should be okay right, wrong! Because I didn’t managed to close the account before time ended, we were penalized $43 million from our holdings. To make matter worse, earning $9 million would still make us ahead of the market by a large margin because the runner-up (who won the game because of our penalty) only earned $2 million, while the rest of the participants all lose money or are just barely scraping through. I should have not gave up on the forest just for an additional tree, a key lesson that I should not be myopic in chasing small profits and forgot about the things around me. Rubbing salt into injury, Z came and congratulate me, “Hey, at least you know you’re the best trader here.”

FYI, my virtual portfolio last year earned more then 100% return. It’s just that I do not have the guts to put in real money to play, unlike A and H.

21st Asia Business Conference 2011

The Asia Business Conference concluded about two weeks ago. Yesterday was our post-event celebration party. The conference was a pretty good considering our limited resources and time.

I learned a lot through this conference planning. I was in the Operations, meaning that I have to handle the behind the scenes planning. I’ll list down what I takeaway from this experience.

  • The world is very uncertain, something I’m sure not learned in school. I have to decisions in the dark without the full information and then make alterations to get things through.
  • Do not refuse any help like I usually do. They are a godsend, especially in crunch time. In such scenario, being the lone wolf is not the best viable option and teamwork is especially crucial. I can’t thank you guys enough for the help and information offered.
  • I learned the value of good human capital. I would rather have an excellent person who can handle the workload and do things well, rather than a few who just can’t get things right. I realized that’s why major firms have such rigorous interviewing process, they judge the interviewees for their passion and personality.

I also must polish my karaoke repertoire. I’m pretty sure I embarrassed myself with my terrible singing and tendency to forgot the tune.