Nick Yang Part 2

Alright, I did promised a second part to Nick Yang’s post, here it is but I kept it short and to the point. Some of the explanations are my own conception on how to explain his concepts. Success = Effort/Expectation Hence, success is measured by how much you work and people’s expectation for you. It’s …

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Yiying’s Wall of Arts

I meet Yiying earlier this year as a fellow dragon and saw some of her work while sitting next to her on the flight to Shanghai. She is a one-of-a-kind memorable person that you won’t probably forget ever meeting with. She is fun, hyper with abundance of energy and creativity. It’s hard to feel tired …

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Nick Yang

I attended a quick session with Nick Yang today. He shared some insightful gems, starting with his journey after graduating from UofM to his financial standing now. He graduated with EE degree from UofM in 1997. He was first exposed to the Internet when he came to the university. After graduating, he went back to …

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