Believe in Change

By Lu



Courtesy of Starpulse. Change we believed in.

The election results are not officially over but the end is clear. The new USA President is set to rumble next year. Rather unfortunately, his first obstacles would be the daunting global financial meltdown and the Iraqi war. Still, he can console himself by taking the credit for the reviving economy for the next few years since the market had gone quite low that it got no way to go but up naturally. The economy is the prime factor in swaying the voters to vote for him as I doubt McCain or more so, Palin knows much about handling a country’s economy revival.

It’s a little past midnight, but the atmosphere is one of festivity. There are shoutings and whistling everywhere and my guess is that, there is some party going on. However, as much as I like Barack Obama and supported him as the better candidate to be the next President, I was hoping that the celebration won’t go so wild as I still need my sleep and obviously, the noise is not helping in the process.

Vote for Change.