Beijing Olympic 2008

By Lu


The awe inspiring logo of Beijing Olympic 2008

These few days, I’d been anticipating for the start of the Olympic Games, hoping to catch a game where Malaysia finally win a gold medal. Before the start of the Games, China had already broken world records with the architecture designs of the various infrastructures and buildings in Beijing. I’m expecting nothing less during the duration of the Games.

Furthermore, it is the first time China is hosting the Games. There is a sense of pride and honor in the country to be the host. No doubt, Confucius teaching of “keeping face” plays a big role where China is trying to give the best image to the world. In a country where the governance is placed on collective strength, it is of no doubt that the Chinese government has divert a lot of funding towards Beijing (40 billion USD – most expensive Olympic ever) to provide a spectacular view for the international body view. The construction of the Bird Nest Stadium, the Cube and other massive structures has lead to the clearance of prime land in Beijing heart and certainly, a hole in the country’s budget. I doubt whether those massive structures will be put to good use after the Olympic Games since the maintenance of the building will also cost up to a bomb. If it comes to this, those building would be like “white elephants” and serve nothing more than to satisfy the ego and vanity of the country’s leaders.

From what I had seen from the Opening ceremony, the central government of China, or more specifically, the Olympic committee has pulled out a labor intensive performance with very flashy fireworks and high tech lighting. I just finished watching the whole opening ceremony and the most surprising part is the lighting of the torch. Defying gravity, flying round the stadium in a complete ellipse to reach the giant torch.

Although from the start of the year, the Beijing Olympic had been plagued with several misfortunes such as the TibetanĀ  unrest, the Sichuan disaster, the negative human rights image, serious pollution and various other concerns, as well as being the pawn for political pressure across the glob. In the end, the essence of the Olympic Games is about the sportsmanship spirit behind the competitions and the connections built through the Games. It is not about the people bickering at each other, but bringing them closer together as members of the human race.

Thus, I hope the Beijing Olympic 2008 will go on smoothly without a hitch. Besides, I really do hope that Malaysia will do well to earn gold medals in the badminton competition. I need the win to extract a dinner from Jia Min.