Lu Yung Terd

Theme Changed

I’d upgraded my wordpress theme, and it crashed. So, resorted to using this for a while until I can get things sorted out.

More Awards from Work

It’s not always that I gotten a mention from an exec in the US HQ. So, I thought this warrant a brief mention and screenshot. Also, I got the recent You Rock award for being a top contributor. It’s nice seeing my name, my profile and achievement everything put into a presentation and broadcasted to …

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Big Data Simulation

Life’s been very hectic. In between a recent promotion, growing interest in body reconstruction and failing attempts to jumpstart my writing again, I haven’t been putting much time for other activities. In terms of writing, my output felled to almost nil. I produced no usable work, and often restart when I’m already one third of …

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The Winning Team

The Ultimate Frisbee competition ended a few days ago, and guess what? We won! Yay, B.O.B. is the undisputable Frisbee champion of the department. Initially, I was a little worried about our chances of winning. No, make that quite worried. Who knew our rag tag team of sloppily formed team could produced such results. Before …

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Merry Christmas

Seasons Greetings to All! I’d been feeling the holidays, stuffing myself and going through the different ways spice up this Christmas. Here’s one of my favorite. Twas the night before Christmas, when all through Wall Street, Not a guru was stirring, ‘mongst the trading elite. The stocks were all laid on the exchange floor with …

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