LEO Trip to Malacca – Part 1

The crazy members of the LEO club. Instead of the usual charity works always held, the LEO club members instead decided to treat ourselves with a trip to Malacca.

I spent my whole weekend on a group trip with the LEO club members to A’Famosa Resort as well as touring around interesting places in Malacca.

The trip was fun with the committee members trying to have ice breaking games on board the bus. It was a chaotic ride all the way to Malacca. However, I was greeted with a sight I deemed to be quite inappropriate: “Melawat Melaka Bermakna Melawat Malaysia” which is roughly translated to “Visiting Malacca Means Visiting Malaysia”. For those who understand that no one country can be briefly described with a few words, they will understand why I am quite upset with this slogan. No two places are the same. You cannot compare the bustling city life of Kuala Lumpur to the tranquil beaches of Kuala Terengganu or mysterious virgin rain forest of Danum Valley. Even the attitude of the people in two places are not the same. Blah, how shortsighted is the Malacca Tourism Board when setting up this obnoxious signboard.

This is us in the bus. This is took once we managed to settle down.

Once we reach the place (a rented bungalow in the middle of nowhere), it was dark and all of us are hungry. At least they prepared some food beforehand to fill the stomachs first. Soon, some went on to sing karaoke and watch cartoons while others, including me, went on to slave at the barbecue pit to prepare chicken wings for the lazy bums consumption. One by one, the slaves left to join the entertainment inside the house until there were a few of us left. So, someone got naughty and in one by one, people were thrown and pushed into the swimming pool.

For those who claimed sanctuary by having any electronic gadgets like hand phones and cameras, they were not spared as the gang stripped the people of all belongings and whoosh, in you go. Fortunately for Matthew and me, we were spared to the last because we all still had electronic devices on us and the two last people who are still barbecuing food for them, partially also because I was barbecuing two chicken wing and threaten to stick the skewer into their asses if they come near me. Unfortunately, the immunity did not last long and we both scampered into the house when they show every bit of evil intention onto us. Sigh, I even broke my slipper strap in the process.

Safely inside the haven (bungalow), we join the entertainment of watching Tom and Jerry cartoons. Our joy was short felt when the outside people asked us to come out. Like idiots, the others went out, oblivious of the danger even after the warning I gave them.

Turns out, they are not pulling our legs after all because it was a suprise birthday celebration for one lucky girl. Still, both matthew and I are too afraid cautious to venture out in the first place. We only went out to enjoy the cake and then rush in again.

This is the lucky girl.

A group photo of us although everyone is looking at different cameras. Noticed that I almost cannot be seen because I am short and stand in the back since I am afraid they might pull a stunt on me if I get any closer to them. The swimming pool is just behind the photographer.

After everything is over, we head back into the house to play cards. However, it is not just any type of card game. It is an adapted version of doctor, police, murderers, and villagers where the position of the player is drawn out by the luck of the card’s drawn out. Here, the murderers are supposed to kill a villager each round while the doctor trying to rescue someone in the hope of preventing a death and the police trying to figure out who are the murderers. Then, the villagers are suppose to have a council (all position kept secret) where they kick off someone from the game whom the majority believed to be one of the murderers. It is all psychology here where the murderers try to convince the council that others are the murderers instead and the police also has his or her own opinion.

Anyway, I was fortunate (or is it unfortunate) to pick out the doctor position most of the time where I performed spectacularly awful with no one who I managed to rescue. This game took a few hours until 2am and beyond when it is disbanded after the participant are tired. However, I only sleep around 3am because I am waiting for the bathroom to shower.

And that concludes Day 1 and Night 1 of the Malacca Trip.

Tired but Excited

Just returned from Malacca. Exciting trip and I enjoyed it. However, I missed out on Kaisouki Matsouri in the morning. Since, all the “big” actions are usually in the morning, I did not get to play along as well. It could be worse. Su Lin actually wants me to cosplay as a girl today because apparently I am handsome. Nah, it is because I am petite and just the right size for a girl. I also do not have any bulging stomach and a wig will cover up my short hair perfectly T_T. Where is my manhood in doing that?

Oh, and Jeffrey found out about this. Apparently, he is the only one to put up a link here in his blog to give me some publicity (his blog got no traffic one) but I don’t want it, yet. I told him that I got more online presence power than him. It is true anyway. And, he is also the only one hogging this blog because all the hit counts are made by him.

Choo! Choo! Full Steam Ahead

Life suddenly turned very hectic. After class, I found out that I need to perform a Latin dance performance next Tuesday. If that is not bad enough, the magazine production just went full steam ahead. Sigh, it is tedious to produce a yearbook for university students in just one month. And I have to think out all the content. So, if any of you guys are unhappy with the contents, don’t blame me. Blame it on the short amount of time.

Furthermore, never believe it if your lecturer said an assignment will just took you two hours to finish. I learned it the hard way when I need to go two days marathon to complete just one assignment and I manage to pass it up minutes before the due date.

Because of that, I did not manage to wash my clothes early and now, currently still waiting for it to wash. Unfortunately, I have another group trip to Malacca in which, the bus is going to take take off in another half an hour! I will spend my whole weekend in Malacca.


Yay, my clothes are washed but they can’t dry in time. Guess I have to bring wet clothes along to the trip instead T_T And I lost two pair of socks, not one but two. Where could they have gone to?

Why it turned public?

Sigh, I just saw that someone discovered this little sanctuary of mine. I got a hit here! Will this blog remained private before it got scourged by the nasty hands of prying unknowns who try to get inside my head? Only time will tell of what will happen here.

Rural Camp Opening Ceremony

I am really hating the internet connection right now. What was suppose to be post up days ago took until now because of poor internet connections. I need to go to the computer laboratory just to post this up. 🙁

INTI Rural Camp – A noble objective to educate those living in the villages about the importance of education.

Last Thursday was the opening ceremony for the INTI UC rural camp. Nah, when you hear of opening ceremony, your mind will pop up with images of grand performances and great speeches. This is nothing like that. It is just a ceremonious event to entertain the VIPs (INTI board of management).

Well, it was supposed to start at 7 pm but foolish me decided to go at 6.30 pm. Half an hour of idling around. Why did I even go there when it is of non significance to me. You can say that I just went there to support my friends 😛 Plus, I get to see them preparing beforehand before the VIPs arrived.

Waiting for the VIPs. They were welcomed with a very unusual cheer, I must say. 😛

I can conclude that most of the committees here come from Chinese educated background. The way they arranged themselves uniformly, well, what else can I say.

And here are the two lovely emcees welcoming the VIPs as well as giving a bit of introduction. It seems that MCA has been organizing this event annually for INTI students to go out and help other people. However, this year, MCA suddenly stop to organize it although all the preparations had been done and agreed with. Look at the General Election results, need I say more. It looks like MCA is more concern about their own well being rather than committing to do a bit of charity work. So, the INTI students themselves stood up and organized this themselves. Hah! Even without the help of any political party, they can still do things like this. Congratulations to the committee members.

In the end, they did gave us some entertainment. Quite nice actually, they choreographed the movements according to the music.

My Seremban Trip

Seremban, a city from the fusion of old and new

I went to Seremban yesterday with two other guys as a short trip before I headed to KL. But what was supposed to be short turns out to take the whole day.

From KTM Station in Seremban, we headed to the closest shopping complex possible, Seremban Parade.

Frankly, there is not much to do here. We have lunch in Pizza Hut while walking around exploring. There is a book fair in it but not much selection at all. So, we just go and shop around especially in Parkson so that Jeffrey can use an hour or two just to chose a beach wear. I saw a nice jacket which I like very much but it cost around RM200. My stingy nature will never allows me to buy that for sure! After combing the place from head to toe, we went to the next available shopping complex, Terminal 1.

This is taken at an extremely safe distance because the road is just beside the walkway.

Crossing through the streets of Seremban is a truly terrifying experience. The drivers do not have any regards for the safety of the pedestrians who are crossing the road. They just rushed through as to a squadron of police cars are after them. Plus, I cannot believe that Seremban City Council leaves out the aspect of pedestrian safety while designing the roads. There are no (I saw only one) overhead bridge where we can use to cross the road. Plus, the traffic lights offer no protection for us, the pedestrian because the light for pedestrian crossing is always red or it does not exist at all!

Ah, well. At least the drivers are still civic minded enough to let the ambulance car passed by.

At Terminal 1, Jeffrey is determined to find a bag for himself (see, he do all the shopping while we just tagged along). Soon, we snooped around the whole place, becoming a spectator for a while at the Battle of the Bands. I hate this type of competition because a) I don’t like rock music,b) they played it too loud and c) the band stinks. We soon reached a shop at the first floor selling bags. Jeffrey was having a hard time choosing because he want authentic, branded bag but cheap at the same time. The shopkeepers there talked quite rudely to us when trying to sell the bag (acting like we never saw a branded product before). He never understand that the customers are always right and that my companions had been using branded goods all their life. Disheartened, we walk out of the shop ending up do not want to buy anything from the shop again.

Then, we walk around again and saw another shop. This time, Jeffrey found a Nike bag he really liked and Albert wanted to buy the same thing too, but too bad because one got one stock. The price tag is RM89 but then, a shop assistant go and check it again on the computer only to find that it actually cost RM189. Jeffrey is cursing his luck for not getting such a good deal after all.

After that, we walked out of Terminal 1and went out discovering Seremban. Too bad that we need to face those crazy drivers again.

Our expose bought us to another sport shoe shop where Albert and Jeffrey began hunting for more shoes and bags while I just sit there watching. And there also, we saw this flip-flop.

This is Albert and I against the background of an old part of Seremban.

And this is one of the more interesting posters I found around Seremban.

Here is something I noticed. The numbers on top of each building, do they show they year the buildings are built or just the sequence of building there. I asked Albert and Jeffrey for their opinion and they said it is the year each building was built, but I remained skeptical and still thinks it is the sequence.

Finally, it was time for dinner and they wanted to go back to a shop they saw earlier selling beef noodles. At one point, we reached a junction and Albert insist to go one way while Jeffrey said to go another. I support Jeffry because my sense of direction is still quite good and I can retrace our steps back to the KTM where we first step off.

In the end, Jeffrey made a bet with Albert, whoever lose need to provide for the winner’s beef noodle. Sigh, why didn’t I make the bet as well. We followed Albert and his MIS-guided route only to reach a dead end before we returned back to the original path.

At the restaurant, we all ordered beef noodles with apple-carrot juice as well as “gui lin gao”, a herbal jelly (this one is special because it is laced with honey making it tasted sweet).

My beef noodles minus honeycomb tripes because I asked them not to put it in.

And the trio’s apple-carrot juice minus one because the waitress spilled one all over the floor.

This is a very happy Jeffrey because he won the bet and a free meal.

These two greedy pigs. At first, you can assume that Albert is unhappy because he lost the bet but now, acting happy once he had finish his food and moving on to desserts.

My meal and I. Note the countryside background behind me. Very nice interior decoration. Looks like I am really dining in the countryside. The food was quite nice. The beef and sauce provide savory delight to my taste buds and the noodles are chewy. Bah, I was hungry. Everything tasted nice when people are hungry, but the food is really quite good.

After our meal in Yee Kee, we decided to call it a day. Trying out new route to the KTM station, we pass through this.

Yes, just a plain old fountain as piece of attraction in … (p.s. I know I am short. So, shut it)

Dataran Seremban. Now, the view will be nice if this few

jakuns didn’t messed around like climbing and hanging on to the sign. Still, it is nice to young once. Hey, I’m still young! Why didn’t I do that?

Well, that is my Seremban adventure for now. Tar tar.

To the Past with Rambutans

Rambutan – A yummy, succulent and sweet fruit found on rambutan trees growing in Malaysia.

I was reading “As I Was Passing II” by Adibah Amin where I come across anecdotes of the old days (where our parents are still young and hip while the hippies still prevailed in US) by the author.

In one occasion, she lamented that young generations nowadays no longer experienced what they used to enjoy. She used a short story to put it into perspective where a young gentleman told his young son that rambutans may be delicious, but they are more delicious if he climb up the tree himself and pluck them there for consumption. By which, here the author interjects and put in “especially if the rambutans tree is not ours”. 😛 And here, the gentleman beams at that he found a comrade.

Well, it seems that the older generations certainly know how to steal enjoy themselves. I kinda wish I sometimes have a simple life like that. This story also bring back memories where I often stayed in the kindergarten last time waiting so that my mother can fetch my sister before sending me to my primary school. Ah, I usually spent the time there waiting for my sister exploring around the site, playing in the playground or talking with the maid there. I just called her “Kakak” for this case.

She would usually talked with me, played or maybe sometimes fight (just a mock fight, okay) with. Ah, those were the days. Behind the kindergarten too was several or one (I cannot remember) rambutan tree(s). The fruits are not that large but juicy and sweet. Hey, I am not complaining, it is free 😛 We also thought up ways to retrieve the rambutans for ourselves. Although there is a pole there to poke it down, I am usually so terrible (weak) with it, I cannot get any down. Often, I resorted to throwing sticks and stones hoping that they will meet the target. But I cannot become a pro baseball player lah like that, none of rambutans ever dropped to the ground.

After that, she will usually brings out some of the rambutans she had retrieved earlier on so that we can eat them. Sigh, those were the days.

It seems that not only older generations remember their days stealing rambutans as nostalgic, even I, sometimes miss them too (err…the good old day, not stealing rambutans yah) and wish I can turn back time to return to those period of carefree joy.

I Deserve Better Internet Connection!

My internet connections nowadays are so terrible. I am already having trouble trying to post anything because of the extremely slow speed or because of its frequent disconnection or unavailability. Seriously, a university college thinking of producing first class thinkers should have first class facilities. And yet, they are hampering us, the students from achieving our potential because of disastrous surfing experience.

So, to any other universities or colleges dumb enough to try and outsource their internet provider, remember this name. Do not seek any services from EBB – Extreme Broadband. Or as it is fondly known here, Extreme Boleh Balik to some of the more vulgar words you can think of starting with the letter “B”.

Of Pigs and Halal

Just a small post here to say that I finally dropped all my courses and pick Moral Education. Should had done this earlier because I do not know that I will be incurred a fine of RM 10. And yet I thought they let everyone to change for free until this Friday. 🙁 That RM 10 can goes a long way. Bye bye RM 10 worth of food.

And just now, I was informed of a psychology test for us. I mean, I am sane. So, what is the use of the test? Or is it another conspiracy to prevent me from leaving the country and study at overseas.

During Moral Education just now, my lecturer raise up a pretty interesting question. He asked why are pigs haram (err. dirty) to the Muslims and Jews? He said that pigs are dirty during the origination of the religions and teachings because previously, pigs are scavengers who feed upon dirty  stuff lying around. Maybe he meant corpse 😛 But now, pigs are breed in clean, air conditioned rooms with high quality food. So, why are pigs still haram? I am going to find out more about this soon…

A Wind of Change

A lot of things happened to me today. Everything seems to change so suddenly.

Early this morning, I wake up extremely early to attend my Macroeconomics class even though I am not required to do so as I had been informed earlier that I will drop all my courses for this semester. Then, I sneak into Moral Education class even though it is not in my current list of courses I will be taking 😛

If that is not exciting enough, wait, there is more. After the Moral Education, I went to the Hall to snoop around and then I discovered… my newly revised timetable for this semester. Six hours worth of classes for an entire week. This means I have Monday and Friday off and just two hours of Moral Education each day from Tuesday to Thursday.

Then, guess what. The timetable starts today and I happened to attend another session of Moral Education again in the afternoon. Plus, I need to skip Principle of Accounting to attend Moral Education 🙁 Sigh, wasted.

I also just received my university offer letter today. So slow! My friends all received them the week before already. At least all I need to do now is to apply for a US visa.