Lu Yung Terd

Use Lookup, Not Nested If

The IF formula is a useful function and often used. A simple binary outcome, TRUE or FALSE, 1 or 0. But because it’s so commonly used that most abused it in the form of NESTED IF. You saw it before. IF(condition1, result1, IF(condition2, result2, IF(condition3, result3, result4)) Because the logic is simple here, most defaulted …

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The Art of Writing

I’m in the middle of tearing my hair out trying to put the completing touch on the first draft of my novel. Hence, I went through some window shopping on Amazon to see if any title attracted my attention. I found several free books and guessed, why not. I’m listing them below just in case …

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I’m back and ready for action

The break had been beneficial. I’m testing my feet in a lot of different areas I never tried before – Amazon, Youtube etc. Only time will tell if my efforts will bore any fruits.

Slow Updates

I haven’t been coming here much lately. The scar is still there. Now, I’m known as “that guy” among the trainers in the gym. I’d changed my role recently – more visibility in the office as my reporting manager would be closer, Singapore instead of China. A very tiring role. I haven’t thought of experiencing …

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