And the Nobel Peace Prize Goes To …

By Lu


I woke up this morning, slightly groggy from the diminishing pile of homework. I begin my daily ritual of finishing the touch up to the assignments I’d done from last night and to catch up with the latest news.

I’m still shocked from the news. Amused, maybe. Obama definitely lifted the hopes of many Americans and perhaps those abroad during his presidential candidacy but I could not see how he could be nominated for this year Nobel Peace prize.

Frankly, it’s just much too early. I haven’t see what contribution did he made to the world. I’m waiting for time to change my opinion, but as of now the Nobel committee is ridiculous. Past winners are judged based on their contribution to the world, not judged in hopes of future efforts. Less than a year into office and already a Nobel Prize winner, looks like Obama mania still haven’t subsided¬† down.