An Actor to be ~ Maybe Not

By Lu



There was a filming production going on in campus today. The crew members are there rehearsing their actions while the cameramen are trying to find the right movement for the cameras while others are adjusting the lighting. Despite the slight chill the snow had bought in, I was quite amazed by their perseverance to stay outdoor over such a long period of time.

One of the scouters approach me and ask if I wanted to be a part of the film. Well, my big break has finally arrived and although I will be one of the countless extra faces in the movie, it is still my big break.

Alas, I was running late for class and kindly reject the offer. I look around the set again and saw that the usual school sign had been changed to a Pennington University. Perhaps, I will catch this film in the near future about the filming that was done partly on campus. I could consider the acting field after all, but my big break will just have to wait.