Advanced Optimization Trick – Speeding WordPress Through Selective Activation

By Lu


Loading redundant plugin globally can be a drag on website speed. Let’s say that I used Contact Form 7 plugin, and it unfortunately loads itself on every webpage when I truly only need it on the Contact Me page. If the webpage weighed about 1MB, and the plugin script weighed 0.1MB, what happened if I stopped the unwanted 0.1MB from being loaded? Now, the webpage is only 0.9MB. Lighter and faster to be downloaded.

This site is loading at 190ms the last time I ran it through Pingdom, and that’s faster than 99.9% of existing websites. Selective activation plays a role in pushing it to the limits.

Selective activation of plugins and scripts can shed unwanted excess weight off a webpage and makes it faster. Then, the issue now is how to do it. The Gonzales plugin can do it but it comes at a $29 price tag.

Plugin Logic – Old, Free and Light

For years, I used Plugin Logic as my main go to for this. It’s truly light, simple, and FREE. The downside of using this plugin is that it is old and lacked of support. But it doesn’t mean anything because this plugin continued to work as intended just the way it is. I specified where I want each plugin to work and that’s it.

But, with WordPress clamping down on “aged” plugins and hiding them from view, I couldn’t even find this plugin through the search tool anymore though it’s still there in the directory. And it’s usable, light and still FREE.

Plugin Load Filter – Next FREE Plugin

Which brings me to this next plugin, Plugin Load Filter, which I also find helpful and intuitive. It offers selective activation by url, and also by type. I am using this particular plugin on this site.

Right now, I have a table of content plugin which unfortunately also loads globally. mainly because I can set the TOC anywhere. However, all I wanted to use the TOC for was on my blog post. Through Plugin Load Filter, I can activate it only on my Post type posts. So, I wouldn’t see the TOC plugin running on my homepage where I don’t need it and thus, making that homepage load faster.

Plugin Organizer – Viable Alternative For Techies

A third free alternative. Plugin Organizer also offers to rearrange the loading order of the plugins, but I don’t like to change this around. I preferred the simpler layout of first two plugins.

Asset Queue Manager – Supercharged Selective Activation

The Asset Queue Manager plugin is a seldom used plugin with only 1000+ installs. It’s also another one of the “aged” plugins that WordPresss been keeping on the hush, but it’s a gem of a plugin because this plugin allowed selective activation of scripts in the front end. I will use this in tandem with another plugin from above to get the best synergy.

Assumed that my WordPress theme comes with FontAwesome. A lot of designers included them because it’s something of a design crutch for icons. But I don’t use it. I don’t need it. It adds about 80kb to all my webpages, and it comes in my WordPress theme. So, I can’t deselect my plugins to stop them from loading.

With AQM, I can dequeue FontAwesome from loading and cut of 80kb globally from my website.

Another way to use this is to be selective of functions. Let’s say a plugin offers a few functions but I am only interested in one of them because the rest slowed down my site. So, I can dequeue other scripts and keep only the one that I want.

If I want to go more extreme, I can also use it to dequeue style script. Mainly if I used a plugin for its function, I had no use for codes that determined the plugin appearance since no one will look at it anyway. Dequeue the style and I saved a few more kb.