A Wind of Change

By Lu


A lot of things happened to me today. Everything seems to change so suddenly.

Early this morning, I wake up extremely early to attend my Macroeconomics class even though I am not required to do so as I had been informed earlier that I will drop all my courses for this semester. Then, I sneak into Moral Education class even though it is not in my current list of courses I will be taking 😛

If that is not exciting enough, wait, there is more. After the Moral Education, I went to the Hall to snoop around and then I discovered… my newly revised timetable for this semester. Six hours worth of classes for an entire week. This means I have Monday and Friday off and just two hours of Moral Education each day from Tuesday to Thursday.

Then, guess what. The timetable starts today and I happened to attend another session of Moral Education again in the afternoon. Plus, I need to skip Principle of Accounting to attend Moral Education 🙁 Sigh, wasted.

I also just received my university offer letter today. So slow! My friends all received them the week before already. At least all I need to do now is to apply for a US visa.