A Hiatus and a Chance to Reorganize

By Lu


I decided to take a temporary break from updating here. Although I could just log off in an instant, I felt that there’s a bit responsibility to put a small notice here. I will use any additional chance I can get to reorganize my time and priorities here in college. Due to my usual habit (of you-know-what), accumulating problem sets and assignments have took its toll on me. As well as preparing for future anticipation, such as finding a job, I’m using this time now to recuperate and prepare myself for the challenges to come.

I’m in a middle of preparing a strategy or two to adapt to my new situation. I’m also in the midst of finalizing my courses, which I was pondering on the trade off of having a heavier course load compared to what I have now. And to my friends who are inquiring how I am doing now, it will be better to just contact me via MSN or Skype. So, it’s not a goodbye. Just a note to put that my posting will be sporadic and perhaps, I might find my writing muse within a week or two.