A Braggart at Heart

By Lu


I was bored the other day. So, while trying to do some research for the paper I was writing on, I stumbled upon a blog, challenging anyone to beat the writer’s IQ score using the free IQ test. I thought it was nothing and just tried it once out of sheer boredom.

Truthfully, I never believe in IQ or IQ test as a true measure of intelligence. In particular, those free IQ test questions which has been popping upon the net. I also firmly believes that IQ is not an indicator of success in the future. And yet, on that day, I still give it a go.

Here is my response to the challenge, my IQ score on this test is not that high, but at least it is good enough.

Online IQ Test

I will delete this post eventually after a few days once the euphoria dies down. But still, it confirms that I’m a braggart. 😛