4th of July 2008

By Lu


American Flag – Independence Day on 4th of July

It’s been a year. I’d never thought that time passed so fast. It’s been only been a little more than a year when I first step into INTI for the American University Program. That night, the AUP office told the students to immerse themselves in American culture to prepare ourselves for their future in America. And the first agenda of the week is America’s Independence Day where INTI celebrated it with Elvis Presley look alike and a bonfire.

Today, another year has passed and I’m now a senior. The AUP club would have another celebration tonight considering the incumbent AUP club, I won’t put much expectation in it. 😛

And also on this day last year, I knew the birth date of two friends last year since they are revealed during orientation. They’re kinda memorable since the association with the America’s Independence Day.

So, I wish here a Happy Birthday to

Jia Min – the girl with a one of a kind laughter


Samantha – the girl who likes to party

Nicked their photos from the profiles 😛

٩(●̮̮̃•̃)۶ May your birthday be celebrated with in every glorious touch and tons of fireworks (definite occasion in US).

p.s. July babies rocks! For the obvious reason.