21st Asia Business Conference 2011

By Lu


The Asia Business Conference concluded about two weeks ago. Yesterday was our post-event celebration party. The conference was a pretty good considering our limited resources and time.

I learned a lot through this conference planning. I was in the Operations, meaning that I have to handle the behind the scenes planning. I’ll list down what I takeaway from this experience.

  • The world is very uncertain, something I’m sure not learned in school. I have to decisions in the dark without the full information and then make alterations to get things through.
  • Do not refuse any help like I usually do. They are a godsend, especially in crunch time. In such scenario, being the lone wolf is not the best viable option and teamwork is especially crucial. I can’t thank you guys enough for the help and information offered.
  • I learned the value of good human capital. I would rather have an excellent person who can handle the workload and do things well, rather than a few who just can’t get things right. I realized that’s why major firms have such rigorous interviewing process, they judge the interviewees for their passion and personality.

I also must polish my karaoke repertoire. I’m pretty sure I embarrassed myself with my terrible singing and tendency to forgot the tune.