2014: Year in Review

By Lu


It’s been so long since I’d updated that I didn’t realized a year had passed since.

The year just passed by so fast. 2014 was rather uneventful, and in many ways, marked a year with not much progression in my life.

In terms of career, this year really took a backseat. Although there’s a role change and several intense period of allnighter,  this was probably the most relaxed year I’d so far. So much that I’d gotten considerably lax and lost a lot of that fire burning inside. The company performance had been bad, very bad. And compensation took a nosedive, to nill. My awaited increment was postponed till financials were better.

Work was fun, but not challenging enough. Maybe it’s because I’d endured so much the previous two years that everything looked relatively simple by now.  I might be looking for a bit more challenge in my next role, or I’ll ended up coasting along. I’ll certainly hope to do it soon though, early next year I’m expecting several business model changes coming in, that are frankly a tiresome nuisance. I’m not sure whether I want to spend my energy in tackling that.

The working environment mellowed as well. Colleagues whom I’d entered the company together at the same time resigned one by one. Those who I thought would continued working tendered their resignations. At this rate, I’ll be the last of my intake. It kinda put into perspective how long I’d been on this. Also, the colleagues in my team are moving out one by one. I’d been through this a few times, but this time, I felt the loneliness at bit more, maybe cause I’d opened my heart a bit more for them. I’d saw them came into the company, taught a number of them and even had great memories with them. Seems like what one of them said was true. The curse of high performance was that no manager will willingly let you go. Case in point.

In terms of personal, I didn’t have much changes as well. My relationships are as they were in the beginning of the year. Those around me are falling in love. Classmates I knew are getting married. I wondered if everyone else is just speeding in life ahead of me. The only big thing I’d done this year was to make going to the gym a habit. I’d gotten stronger, and my physique was corresponding to the changes. I’m still a glutton when it comes to food though.

I’d been reading a lot recently, so that was well for me but that had gotten me an earful or two because I would be so engrossed that I tend to be reading the whole night till the next morning when my eyes are bloodshot and I’ll fall asleep on the bed. That’s how most of my weekends are spent nowadays.

Finances took a deep plunge. I’d been saving up my money in the stock market for better performance since I’m young but the market had been going down due to the oil price dropped, and my net worth went down with it. Let just say that my net worth at the end of this year is equivalent to the beginning of the year although I’d thrown almost all that I’d earned throughout the year excluding living expenses into the index. That was a bitter pain, though I wasn’t planning to save a big purchase anyway.

Here’s to hoping that 2015 would be a better year, and that I will be more productive. Maybe I should be more vigilant about posting here instead of just remembering about this place once a year.