Month: December 2010

Nick Yang Part 2

Alright, I did promised a second part to Nick Yang’s post, here it is but I kept it short and to the point. Some of the explanations are my own conception on how to explain his concepts. Success = Effort/Expectation Hence, success is measured by how much you work and people’s expectation for you. It’s …

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TOTD: 12/13/2010

I am quite worry right now. It is the finals week and I am just worried that I did not prepare enough for my exams. I am, still a firm believer in achieving the best possible outcome with the minimal amount of work necessary to free up time. This time, is best invested in something …

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Yiying’s Wall of Arts

I meet Yiying earlier this year as a fellow dragon and saw some of her work while sitting next to her on the flight to Shanghai. She is a one-of-a-kind memorable person that you won’t probably forget ever meeting with. She is fun, hyper with abundance of energy and creativity. It’s hard to feel tired …

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