Month: February 2010

Angel on Ice

Saw her performance live on tv, simply splendid. I tried to search for her performance on Youtube but those with with better quality are often took down due to copyright claims. Here’s one that I found – Kim Yuna, Bond girl – angel on ice! [youtube=] Update: She just won the gold in Olympics! [youtube=]


It’s often the small talks that lets me know the person behind the name. To the professor who earned his MBA to escape drafting for the Vietnam War, taking a two-year graduate course and finishing it in a year. Working three jobs at the same time to support his education and yet, graduate first in …

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Chinese New Year 2010

Happy Chinese Year to all my friends and readers (if there are any). May you find joy and prosperity in the Year of the Tiger. It may appeared that I had been abandoning this journal for the time, but truthfully I had a pile of backlogged post that I think will not see the light …

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