Taiwan Diaries: Lesson from Fried Chicken

(Taipei, Taiwan) Shilin fried chicken. It’s very famous in a way that the fried chicken chop franchise I frequented in Nilai was supposedly originated from this stall in Shilin. Undeniably, the stall is very efficient from transferring the goods to the consumer.  I waited in the line where an employee provide a plastic bag and … Read moreTaiwan Diaries: Lesson from Fried Chicken

Starting Summer in Taiwan

(Taipei, Taiwan) They played with jet engine in mechanics class Global Initiative Symposium was great. It was the first time Taida organized such an event, with the intention of emulating SGS. GIS is Asia-centric and attracted interest of mostly Asian descended individuals. Kudos to the organizing members for their effort and hard work in trying … Read moreStarting Summer in Taiwan

Sleepless Night to Cedar Point Pt. 3: The Rides of My Life

I intend to continue this as a photo entry. The photos should be pretty much explanatory, except for those exciting details in between. The journey continues. I guessed the figures provide enough explanation for how everyone felt after the walk. Interesting enough, this was not far away from the harbor. Perhaps, it really served as … Read moreSleepless Night to Cedar Point Pt. 3: The Rides of My Life