Taiwan Diaries: Lesson from Fried Chicken

Taiwan 05(Taipei, Taiwan)

Shilin fried chicken. It’s very famous in a way that the fried chicken chop franchise I frequented in Nilai was supposedly originated from this stall in Shilin. Undeniably, the stall is very efficient from transferring the goods to the consumer.  I waited in the line where an employee provide a plastic bag and they put the chicken in at the end of the line while I gave them 50 TWD coins. It’s really like a one way manufacturing line.

Considering the long line waiting out, I wondered why no one set up another stall nearby to take in the competition. I mean, after all, there’s great demand judging from the amount of buyers. I found answer soon enough. There’s another chicken stall along the market. Dimly lit, surrounded by other generic food and drinks stalls common to the Shilin market, and with no customers. I’m greatly intrigued by the contrasting scenarios, both selling an almost same good, have huge traffic, but only one that attracts the consumer. I wonder how that singular stall commands a sizable crowd compared to the other. Perhaps branding, location and customer loyalty really played important roles.

After all, I just followed the crowds when I’m ordering my food. I have no prior preferences when I’m ordering and all that swayed me was the public opinion.

Taiwan Diaries: Missguided Communication

A conversation with Jeffrey triggered this. Back when I just arrived in Taipei airport, I have a few hours to kill. So, I make use of the airport’s wifi to have online conversations with a few persons. Here’s the one that lead me to think whether all thoughts sent online will be received in the same manner of thought.

If you don’t know my circumstances, don’t blindly assume.

Jeff: So, what are your plans now?

Capablanca: I hooked up with a girl already. I hope she could bring me to a hostel soon.

Jeff: O.O lol

I hooked up with a girl already. I hope she could bring me to a hotel soon.

Intention behind the facade

Taiwan 02

(Taipei, Taiwan) Great friends. Unforgettable memories.

My time in Taiwan was great. Time past when I got great company. I meet truly interesting individuals that spice up my trip. It’s a waste that we have to part ways that soon but I hope we will crossed each other path some time in the future.

Taiwan 03

(Taipei, Taiwan) Food fest began at Shilin Night Market

Besides meeting new friends, the next best thing in Taiwan is the food. The Taiwanese I meet abroad used to comment on the great taste of their local food just like how a Malaysian would actually rave about the Malaysian cuisine. So, I guess I must come and taste out a bit of what Taiwan has to offer.

And, I found a interesting t-shirt that summarized what I should be doing more over there.

Taiwan 04

(Taipei, Taiwan) Shida Night Market: Taipei’s textile mecca

Starting Summer in Taiwan

Taiwan 01

(Taipei, Taiwan) They played with jet engine in mechanics class

Global Initiative Symposium was great. It was the first time Taida organized such an event, with the intention of emulating SGS. GIS is Asia-centric and attracted interest of mostly Asian descended individuals. Kudos to the organizing members for their effort and hard work in trying to make this a success.

It was also the first time I had been to Taiwan, so I’m taking the opportunity to explore the cities in there. The only fault I find with Taiwan is the hot weather and the inundated Chinese characters on street signs with no English translation, but since there’s nothing that could be done, I’ll leave them aside.

Quoting someone from GIS, “Wow, did you just ran a marathon?” after my excusion in NTU alone, noting that my shirt was entirely drenched in sweat. I bow to the glory that is AC.

Childhood Lost (A Bit) and Gained

New York 01

(NYC, New York) Cheeky rascal likes to have his photos taken. He wanted to have a picture skateboarding through Central Park.

My last trip to New York coincided with Michael Jackson death. I was never an avid fan of him, but it is regrettable he died at such an age. His song certainly was influential when I was young, having a few friends who were fans of him. I was not aware of this incident until one by one, Facebook notices popped up regarding his death. Watching the news in the hotel room was never less inviting than this when everything was about him and it was pretty much predictable.

New York 05

(NYC, New York) The Miserable Ones. I think it’s befitting MJ, his songs lived on to be some of the most popular, at a price

New York 02

(NYC, New York) Demonstration at hand. They sealed up a road in the city center

Walking around New York was mostly to satisfy the inner child in me. It is not everyday that I got landed right in the middle of a bustling city with all sort of events going on. In fact, I hardly been to any crowded area for months prior to this. The atmosphere here is something to be missed. I hoped to return soon to catch up on other stuff I missed out. In the mean time, enjoy some of my favorite childhood love.

New York 03

(NYC, New York) Lego!!!

New York 04

(NYC, New York) Not M&M’s in particular. But I do have a rather sweet tooth

Sleepless Night to Cedar Point Pt. 3: The Rides of My Life

I intend to continue this as a photo entry. The photos should be pretty much explanatory, except for those exciting details in between.

Cedar Point 06

The journey continues. I guessed the figures provide enough explanation for how everyone felt after the walk. Interesting enough, this was not far away from the harbor. Perhaps, it really served as a cryptic message to remind all those on foot to seek for wheels instead. Regardless of the warning, the team managed to reach McDonalds for some rest (some fell asleep), breakfast and a place to clean up. It was a straight travel to Cedar Points from then onwards.Cedar Point 07

The rides there are scary; definitely not for the faint of heart. The Dragster is the ultimate thrill for a hair raising experience.Cedar Point 08

Another view from the go kart tracks. Surprisingly, I did quite (amazingly) well on the race court, overtaking and speeding off although I do not legally have the license to drive yet.Cedar Point 09

A view of another roller coaster from a high shot.Cedar Point 10

The ground at last. I wanted to go parasailing out there, but the flag was raise to indicate rough waves and all the water activities were canceled for the moment. How disappointing.Cedar Point 11

Snoopy on Ice. I really like this show. It was funny, relaxing, and down right comfortable in the theater. In fact, I like it so much that I went to watch the show twice. Truthfully, I was just seeking a place to sleep for a while. I was awake for quite some time since the early walk and my body just cannot cope with all the fun and excitement it can handle.Cedar Point 12

Extreme sport show. My personal favorite amidst the other attractions and rides. I even forgave the half an hour delay for their final show of the day. It was that good and the crowd were ecstatic in the end. I guessed that the crew wanted to give out something extra since it was the their last show of the day and it was spectacular. They changed most of their choreography since I also did catch part of their earlier show and it was just something special.Cedar Point 13

More night rides. My camera is starting to fail me at this time. It is not meant for night time shots and the results are grainy as the lights fade out.Cedar Point 14

What a way to end the trip. Another sunrise shot took from inside the train. It concludes my two nights one day of non stop excitement. I barely had enough sleep within the time period and most are dropping into a coma as the day ends. I believed that I stayed awake for the rest of the day after this and suffered terrible migraine in return. Oh well, there goes the consequences for trying to stick to no sleeping during the day.

Sleepless Night to Cedar Point Pt. 2: Dawn

Cedar Point 03

(Sandusky, Ohio)

Walking from Sandusky station to Cedar Point is very very tiring. I think I was walking for a few hours when the moon is high up shining brightly only for it to be replaced by the faint hint of incoming sun rays. Our entourage finally stopped to witness sunrise at a harbor.

Cedar Point 04

(Sandusky, Ohio)

The sunrise is amazing. On the other side of the harbor is Canada, and I’m witnessing the splendor of nature with a bunch of friends.

I meet a fisherman over there. I strike up a conversation with him as he was catching catfish.

Cedar Point 05(Sandusky, Ohio)

Turns out that he is fishing at the harbor because his boat was under repair. But life certainly seems good, he caught his first fish when I meet him and several more during our conversation. Cool breeze and beautiful scenery. I wouldn’t mind doing such thing once I’m retired.

And on to walk some more to my goal.

Sleepless Night to Cedar Point Pt.1: The Beginning

Cedar Point 02

(Sandusky, Ohio)

It was a hastily made up decision, to have the thrill of a lifetime at Cedar Point. The idea was to have a trip with a bunch of friends, through bus and train, and plenty of walking distance.

Right after classes, I took the bus to train station. It was a pretty much uneventful ride, having to take a bus all the way to Toledo. I was trying to catch as much sleep as possible, anticipating the disruptive schedule I will have to get there.

Cedar Point 01

(Toledo, Ohio)

We played poker in the train station to whilst the time away. I believe it was actually the highlight of the whole ride there.