Catch Up on Life

I had been pretty free recently and so, I decided to brush up my cooking skills. I would secretly admit that my end results are quite good, but please do not expect me to cook for any of you any time soon. I’m trying to expand my repertoire of recipes to include more diversity in both cooking styles and ingredients. So far, I pretty much tried out some variety including the basic beef, pork, chicken, fish and seafood. But, I’d yet to try other type of meat due to the unavailability and price concern. I will venture out instead to experiment with cooking styles instead of the ingredients.

As much as I would like to reproduce famous chinese cuisines in my small kitchen, I found the time spent in the kitchen disproportionate with the returns. The reason behind my experimenting with food was to find more efficient ways of cooking in order cut off the time I used on preparing food, but so far I’d only managed 45 minutes on average. I wanted to be able to have warm food quickly by next semester because at the rate I’m going, lunch or dinner will take me around 1.5 hours from preparing the dish to consuming them. I viewed food as substance to keep me going, and would not actually be bothered with the minor details of appearances, just that it is edible would be sufficient. Sometimes, I would try out those complex recipes involving more man power in order to relieve those hometown taste on a whim. It cringed me when I realized that preparing to cook char siu took up so much time, but the end result did satisfy me. Slightly under par compared to the hawker stall version, but that’s because I could not bothered to prepare more caramelized char siu sauce since I used them up.

Perhaps, now is really the time for me to learn a thing or two from my mother about managing in the kitchen.

On the other hand, I’m pretty much involved with a still airing Korean drama, “That Fool”. Next week would conclude the whole series, and I could not wait to see it. The drama have an impressive cast, with two famous actor/actress are the two main leads (Kim Ah Jong and Hwang Jung Min), but its ratings are a bit in the dismal. Nevertheless, it would make a sweet romantic flick for anyone interested.

Chicago Rush Pt. 4: Food Galore

Chicago might not be considered a food haven, by my standards. But deprived from the usual delicacies for the past few months have an effect of bringing back nostalgic taste. Indeed, my time in Chicago was spend indulging in feasts.


Dim Sum meal ~ Siew Mai, just the tip of the iceberg.


(Chicago, Illinois) Sorry, I could not resist. Penangnites, your opinions?


(Chicago, Illionois) My travel coincide with some of the coldest days in Chicago’s history. Even the pigeons are forced to decide between becoming frozen birds, or roast pigeons.

Sorry for the lack of quality in pictures. The weather was cold, and I was shivering while holding the camera. I was a glutton too, I would rather digg into the food than retake a decent picure of the foods.