Month: December 2008

Winter 2008 Reading List

My reading for this break. The last hurdle was overcame. Currently, Winter Break is approaching and I finally had time to finish off some of the readings I had been working on. Between unwinding myself after the semester and preparing for my travel plan, I still need to attend an external examination right at the …

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My Alma Mater on Post

Sekolah Ulung ~ Premier School, SM All Saints Not bad. I just recently received this news. My alma mater, All Saints Secondary School was honored by Pos Malaysia to be included as one of the four Premier school selected to be engraved forever as stamps. SM All Saints was chosen by Pos Malaysia Berhad to …

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Scary Addictions

(Malacca, Malaysia) Fatal Addiction Those who know me quite well are ill prepared to recognize that I have a problem with addiction. Whenever I become interested in something, I will immerse myself in it to the point of becoming a scary obsession. Sometimes, the addiction disappeared as I aged. Sometimes, the traces never truly disappeared. …

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