Bragging Rights with Gunning Incident


(Ann Arbor, Michigan)

Ending our discussion too quickly during a period of class, my group members of three instead switched the flow of conversation to their background and environment where they grew up. They shared with me their experience of growing up in some of the most dangerous and gun infested cities in US.

They put how the teachers usually look tense when there’s a gang riot which broke out near the school. And how their school days would be cancelled because someone spread a rumour that gun fights will happened near the school, which turns out to be true but it was in the afternoon after the presumed non-existent school time. I wonder how it is to have a childhood like that.

Perhaps, banning guns will be good for this nation future, after all.

An Actor to be ~ Maybe Not


There was a filming production going on in campus today. The crew members are there rehearsing their actions while the cameramen are trying to find the right movement for the cameras while others are adjusting the lighting. Despite the slight chill the snow had bought in, I was quite amazed by their perseverance to stay outdoor over such a long period of time.

One of the scouters approach me and ask if I wanted to be a part of the film. Well, my big break has finally arrived and although I will be one of the countless extra faces in the movie, it is still my big break.

Alas, I was running late for class and kindly reject the offer. I look around the set again and saw that the usual school sign had been changed to a Pennington University. Perhaps, I will catch this film in the near future about the filming that was done partly on campus. I could consider the acting field after all, but my big break will just have to wait.

Recom 2.1


A community website portal I’m working with had just been given a face lift together with some cool new features today. It’s the result of the technical and administrators team months of planning and rewriting codes for the website.

For those who don’t know what Recom is, I copied some information about the portal here:

ReCom stands for Reborn Community, which symbolizes the birth of a young and dynamic community, where it members help each other build a united Malaysia regardless of differences in race, ethnicity or religion. was established in 2003 under the spirit of sharing knowledge and know-how for Malaysian students around the world to get together, exchange ideas and express their views on various issues concerning them.

ReCom developed over the years as an exchange hub as well as an independent networking and collaboration platform for Malaysian students and young professionals from Malaysia and around the world. envisions to bring Malaysia to infinity and beyond, towards a developed Malaysia by the year 2020.

As well as the mission statement:

Our Vision promotes a culture of sharing to help Malaysian students to excel in both academics and non-academics.

Our Mission

  1. To integrate and unify resources, skills and talents of Malaysia’s youth.
  2. To propel Malaysia towards achieving the goals of Vision 2020.
  3. To encourage originality, innovation, creativity and initiative.
  4. To learn with and learn from others through healthy forum discussions.
  5. To keep abreast of current affair in Malaysia and around the world, so that we become educated and informed individuals, and share our opinions and suggestions to the world.
  6. To facilitate social networking among and between students and working professionals.
  7. To improve our command of the English Language.
  8. To contribute towards the development of Malaysia.

I hope we can achieve the goals together as part of the Recom community. Until then, get to know some of the people behind Recom here. My short introduction is in there as well. I would also like some feedbacks on how is the overall website layout and some recommendations on what should be improved.

Corporate Style Convergence


(Putrajaya, Malaysia)

I went to a recruiting session held by a major financial institution recently. I’m not so much as interested in the recruiting session but rather more to the buffet style dinner that goes along with the session. I was running late for it since I just completed one of my midterm as well.

Alas, my free dinner to be was not to be mine after all. I reached the information session and was swamped my what lies ahead of me. I saw a large gathering of presumably college student wearing identical black corporate suit. Aside from their identical shade of black suit, majority of the males sport the same hairstyle with gelled and cropped up short hair, something which I was initially hoping to style my hair into. As for the females, there is a variation between tied up ponytail or just let loose, but the differences also amount to that much.

Dozens of unique individuals, each with their own glorying achievements and persona, appeared out to me as drones sporting the same costumes and frankly the same monotone conversation topic, as tough they are programmed from a factory with standard requirements. This is common cultural convergence, where the aspiring group assume the lifestyles of the intended group which they wanted to belong to. However, what scares me was the rapid acculturation of which this is happening.

I feared, I pondered whether several years down the lane, I will be one of them, sporting the exactly same executive suit, with matching iron pressed shirt and a tie, trying to adhere to a the common wisdom. My own hair cut out short and cropped up with some styling gel, discussing economic and business issues with whomever cared to show the slightest interest in it.

tom welling

Tom Welling. Courtesy of David Gray, the CW Network

Back to the session, I was neither in any corporate suit or formal wear at that time. All I had on me was just blue jeans, blue t-shirt and a striking red jacket, strangely similar to Tom Welling’s character, Clark Kent of Smallville fame, The social solidarity was too great and I turned back before reaching the gate. The buffet table was clear in sight, but ah, I think I will just go and grab a burrito.

I head on to another economic symposium after that, but also mainly for the dessert. Same case of corporate cultural convergence, the same formal wear and hair styles. Later, when I was heading back to my crib, I saw some of the students in corporate suits, each with burritos in their hands. Maybe, I’m already had my feet in the boat after all.

Believe in Change


Courtesy of Starpulse. Change we believed in.

The election results are not officially over but the end is clear. The new USA President is set to rumble next year. Rather unfortunately, his first obstacles would be the daunting global financial meltdown and the Iraqi war. Still, he can console himself by taking the credit for the reviving economy for the next few years since the market had gone quite low that it got no way to go but up naturally. The economy is the prime factor in swaying the voters to vote for him as I doubt McCain or more so, Palin knows much about handling a country’s economy revival.

It’s a little past midnight, but the atmosphere is one of festivity. There are shoutings and whistling everywhere and my guess is that, there is some party going on. However, as much as I like Barack Obama and supported him as the better candidate to be the next President, I was hoping that the celebration won’t go so wild as I still need my sleep and obviously, the noise is not helping in the process.

Vote for Change.

No Candy for Halloween

(Ann Arbor, Michigan) Just wait until they are drunk

Halloween just passed by. Sadly, I did not went trick or treating as I opted instead for sightseing excusion. Halloween provide an excuse for college students to show their creative wild side once every year. Aside from the usual witches, almost naked men, dracula, devils etc, some newer characters joined the pool this year, namely the Joker from the Dark Knight and my personal favourite, Sarah Palin. Seriously, this is one of the most original and easiest to imitate costume I had seen.

Since I also did not wear a costume that night, I joined a group tour to the lively party scene around the area. It is really a dazzling sight to behold. Some of the guys must have trained their abdomens and biceps rigorously to be Michael Phelps, wearing almost nothing in the cold night.

One of the highlights of the night is the usual rowdiness and the abrupt fight between drunken male egos after a drink or two. Unfortunately, I was strolling alone way past midnight when I walked between two groups who looking quite tense and hurling insults among each other. I did not noticed the atmosphere around me and just passed them when the fighting erupts with me just a few feet away from them. Crowds gathered and look on, some tried to separate the groups. The festivity did not last long as three police patrol cars cruised into the neighbourhood and stop everything. I was actually hoping to see some live entertainment then.

I also did entered one of the fraternity house which was having a party at that time. The bare requirement for entry is to have at least a costume and there are two doormen to make sure of it. They asked me who or what I am and I answered: “I’m cool. So, you should let me in.”, maintaining a steely gaze at them. And thus, I was allowed to enter the house.

I guess party life does not suit me. Untill now, I still had not touch my lips on alcohol even though others succumb to it and consumed it. Perhaps, that is why they seemed to have a more enjoyable time at any parties. As for Halloween, beer is free flow and I seen how the people are wasted further down the night. Another epitome of any drinking night is the availability of smash glass bottles along the street. Sometimes, I get feed up avoiding them and just walk through it.

A random monster I meet along the street