Month: October 2008

Fall Adventure ~ Not!

(Ann Arbor, Michigan) Burning a red flame through my head My Fall Break is not what it is supposed to be. Seeing as this the only time I would get to relax before the course load took its effect again, I actually planned to travel around and explore in this few days. But the change …

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A Braggart at Heart

I was bored the other day. So, while trying to do some research for the paper I was writing on, I stumbled upon a blog, challenging anyone to beat the writer’s IQ score using the free IQ test. I thought it was nothing and just tried it once out of sheer boredom. Truthfully, I never …

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Living in the Bubble Dream

(Ann Arbor, Michigan) The school of corporate leaders Somehow, I dreaded entering the business school and the economics department lately. The atmosphere there is quite depressing one with only the same phrase in everyone’s mouth “economic crisis”. The latest turmoil from the subprime mortgage is spreading out its grip and dragging other credit based industries …

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