Fall Adventure ~ Not!

(Ann Arbor, Michigan) Burning a red flame through my head

My Fall Break is not what it is supposed to be. Seeing as this the only time I would get to relax before the course load took its effect again, I actually planned to travel around and explore in this few days.

But the change of the season is not kind to me. On the first day of Fall Break, I suffered from severe migraine and laid in my bed for few hours without getting up. If that is not bad enough, my bones started to ache with every movement. My spine felt like it aged several decades or so.

So, I’m practically grounded in my room throughout the day. I drank a whole can of Coke hoping that the caffeine in it can act as pain killer, since I don’t drink coffee. Not sure if it helps but my bones are not aching that much for the time being. Feeling that my condition will alleviate on the next, it pains (literally) me to discover that I’m not feeling any much better. So, I decided to put myself in a little bit of physical exercise to boost my healing but high impact movements like punching and kicking added to the intensity of my migraine.

One might wonder why I did not just rely of modern medication to aide in the recovery. Truthfully, I wasn’t much of a pill person. I rejected consuming pills everytime I gotten ill or so. I believed I haven’t touched Panadol in a long long time, over a time period of a few years at least, each time reverting back to the age old tradition of Vitamin C and sleep. But as I rolled about on my bed, wondering how did my weekend dissapeared just like that, I glean hungrily at the bottle of unopened Panadol in case of emergency and at the same time, figuring how can I finish my work on economics and politics in time.

Oh, another burst of migraine just occured and I…have the pill in my hand.

A Braggart at Heart

I was bored the other day. So, while trying to do some research for the paper I was writing on, I stumbled upon a blog, challenging anyone to beat the writer’s IQ score using the free IQ test. I thought it was nothing and just tried it once out of sheer boredom.

Truthfully, I never believe in IQ or IQ test as a true measure of intelligence. In particular, those free IQ test questions which has been popping upon the net. I also firmly believes that IQ is not an indicator of success in the future. And yet, on that day, I still give it a go.

Here is my response to the challenge, my IQ score on this test is not that high, but at least it is good enough.

Online IQ Test

I will delete this post eventually after a few days once the euphoria dies down. But still, it confirms that I’m a braggart. 😛

Living in the Bubble Dream

(Ann Arbor, Michigan) The school of corporate leaders

Somehow, I dreaded entering the business school and the economics department lately. The atmosphere there is quite depressing one with only the same phrase in everyone’s mouth “economic crisis”. The latest turmoil from the subprime mortgage is spreading out its grip and dragging other credit based industries along with it. The academics are discussing about it, admitting that even though they might be considered experts on this, their personal views are mixed as they themselves do not know the proper solution to get out of this mess.

Plus, the stock markets crash around the world added a fear incentive to investor to keep their money in relatively safe haven of value such a gold and silver, raising the price of commodities and demand beyond what is normally expected.

The main question now is not, where is the money, for there is a lot of money around but rather, how can the money be transferred along the economy line. With the main compartment of the money train system, the banks fearfull of each other financial credibility, no one is willing to allow credits for others since the trust is gone. So, money flow slow to a halt and business finds it hard to get credit they required to operate their system. when evidently, they are the main force behind the production line in reviving the economy.

Furthermore, I found that soon to be graduating students are most concern about the job market right now. Most of the questions I heard from the Phds and BBA students are of the common theme of will be market revive by the time I graduate and what are the chances of securing a lucrative job. As for the answer, let just say I might be considering spending more time in school instead of being absorbed into the market labor pool any time soon.