Month: June 2008

Visa and So Much More

US Embassy Logo (Courtesy of US Embassy) I woke up very early in the morning trying to beat the KL traffic rush to reach the US Embassy in time for my visa. What amazed me was that even though I was an hour earlier than my appointment time, there is already a line of people …

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Time is Money

Time is money. Or so goes the age old saying. Unfortunately, for my case, it literally means money! For those who know me really well in these past year, they can tell that I procrastinate a lot, up to a point where I have to admit that I am very lazy. I’m trying to remove …

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Strike! No Oil!

Hmm, I just received a very disturbing news from my mother. It seems that rumors are flying are that the petrol kiosks around the state are on strike – refusing to sell precious hydrocarbons to customers. I don’t know how long this strike will be as unconfirmed sources estimate it to be from one to …

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