Month: May 2008

Why it turned public?

Sigh, I just saw that someone discovered this little sanctuary of mine. I got a hit here! Will this blog remained private before it got scourged by the nasty hands of prying unknowns who try to get inside my head? Only time will tell of what will happen here.

My Seremban Trip

Seremban, a city from the fusion of old and new I went to Seremban yesterday with two other guys as a short trip before I headed to KL. But what was supposed to be short turns out to take the whole day. From KTM Station in Seremban, we headed to the closest shopping complex possible, …

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Of Pigs and Halal

Just a small post here to say that I finally dropped all my courses and pick Moral Education. Should had done this earlier because I do not know that I will be incurred a fine of RM 10. And yet I thought they let everyone to change for free until this Friday. 🙁 That RM …

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A Wind of Change

A lot of things happened to me today. Everything seems to change so suddenly. Early this morning, I wake up extremely early to attend my Macroeconomics class even though I am not required to do so as I had been informed earlier that I will drop all my courses for this semester. Then, I sneak …

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