Month: May 2008

Children Camp – MIA

Sigh, even though I already have such a busy week, I still signed up as a facilitator¬† in Children Camp, which is supposed to start in another 7 more hours. My already lagging behind assignment will be left even farther behind. On the bright side, I will be entertaining and playing with orphans for the …

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Life has taken an even drastic turn and I now found my life even hectic compared to a few days before. Between assignments, editorial board, and all my outside activities, I really need to have a break sometimes although this hectic life is caused by me sleeping 10 hours a day. So, I’ll be back!.

My Friends

If you look to the side of this web page, you will see that I had added a section to link to my friends. The first three listed are there because of my gratitude that they managed to snoop up this little masterpiece of mine and added a link in their blogs to this place. …

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Just Open Your Mouth

I’m fuming now. Why can’t people just open their mouth and ask? Today, I meet two computer illiterate Blacks (didn’t mean any racial discrimination here) trying to print out their lecture notes in the printing center. They were taking their sweet time mumbling around and rummaging through the computer. Being the nice and patient person …

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Shout Out!

Just in case anyone didn’t notice. There is a small link down there at the side which will send you to a chat box. This is not permanent! I put this up so that some of the pesky visitors who keeps on bugging me to put one will stop to annoy me. Why didn’t I …

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College Hardship

Studying in college is hard. Especially if you need to complete tens of pages worth of assignment each week with an extremely ineffective internet service provider and fussy lecturer at hand. Now, I understand why it is suicidal to take this course in the short semester. Combined with all the activities I dragged myself into …

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Cha Cha Cha

With all the pressure contained within me, will I ever be able to release it like the trickle of water or will I explode under the tremendous pressure? Yesterday was another hectic night for me. Sigh, where can I get the energy to last through the day. Oh, what confidence, what style, oozing with sexy …

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Tired but Excited

Just returned from Malacca. Exciting trip and I enjoyed it. However, I missed out on Kaisouki Matsouri in the morning. Since, all the “big” actions are usually in the morning, I did not get to play along as well. It could be worse. Su Lin actually wants me to cosplay as a girl today because …

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