Month: April 2008


Oh, I just saw, touch and feel an authentic, real live Malaysia passport. Then, I notice; Why is there a little square bulged at the back of the book! A little deduction caused me to believe that the passport is equipped with a tracking system chip used to tracked all Malaysians wherever they go. There’s …

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Chessing in IMU

The pawns are the soul of the game. While weak in strength, when combined, they have enough to topple even the king. Last Saturday was the MAPCU 2008 Chess Competition, and luckily (or was it rather unlucky?), yours truly was chosen to represent INTI in it. Not because my skills were any good, but because …

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Holla, just a short shout out here that tomorrow, I will be going to IMU, Bukit Jalil for the annual MAPCU Chess Competition. Due to the Biro Tatanegara Camp which just ended yesterday, I had my brain brainwashed with government propaganda and somehow, I think I lost my magical touch with my chess pieces T___T …

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