About Lu

Hi there, I’m Lu

and I’m obsessed with optimization. I tinkered here and there to squeeze gains out of processes.

Always interested to see how I can make improvements.

This is/was my personal blog and still is. However, daily life is mundane and doesn’t make for interesting blog post. I pivoted this site to focus more on areas that piqued my interest, along with the general updates in life. I split this site into three focus.

Health – Need I say more? I’m terrified of death.

Wealth – Everyone likes more money. I’ll be covering more on personal finance and climbing the career ladder.

Performance – Anything regarding self development, other types of optimization that didn’t fell under the previous two categories will come under here.

Fun fact – The most productive people in the world followed a routine. I can be incredibly structured in my life (hence mundane daily life), and be used to it. Don’t believed me? Growing up, I ate a thin layer of kaya (sweet pandan infused coconut jam) sandwiched between two layer of thin plain white breads everyday for eleven years. Until I have to uproot myself and move to the US, where there’s no kaya.

Now that I stopped including bread in my daily diet, I still restrict my choices, willing to eat the same thing everyday for lunch and dinner, like a clockwork.